What is Call Waiting ID?

This feature combines Caller ID and Call Waiting on your Home Phone. When you are on the phone and another caller tries to reach you, a special tone or beep alerts you to the waiting call, and the name and number of the person waiting is displayed on your screen.

Call Waiting also works in conjunction with Caller ID on TV if you have video service.

To take advantage of Call Waiting with Caller ID on TV, you must:

  • Have Bright House Networks Home Phone service.
  • Have Bright House Networks Digital TV service.
  • Have the Caller ID on TV feature available with your Digital TV service.
  • Have enabled Caller ID on TV on your converter.

When you receive an incoming call while you already are on your Home Phone, the name and number of the incoming caller is displayed in a small box on your TV screen. You then can choose to take the call. If you do not take the call and you have Voice Mail with your Home Phone service, the call is sent to Voice Mail.

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