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What is Call Waiting?

Call Waiting lets you know you have an incoming call when you are already using your phone.

If another caller tries to reach you, a special beep or tone alerts you to a waiting call. The person calling you hears normal ringing. If you have Caller ID on your phone, the name and number associated with the waiting call is displayed on your screen. If you do not want to answer the call, do nothing. If you have Voicemail or an answering service, the call is sent there.

To answer a waiting call or to alternate between callers:

  1. Press and quickly release the On/Off hook on your telephone, and answer the phone as you usually do. While you talk with one caller, the system automatically places on hold the other caller.
    • If your phone has a Flash button, you can use it instead of the On/Off hook.
  2. To switch back to your original conversation, press and quickly release the On/Off hook again. Each conversation remains private.
  3. If you want to end the second call before returning to the original, finish your second conversation and hang up.

To end either call:

  1. Hang up while connected to the call you want to end. Your telephone automatically rings.
  2. Answer your phone. Your call is connected to the caller you had waiting on hold.

To block call waiting for a particular phone call:

Press *70 before starting a new call to prevent Call Waiting from interrupting that conversation.

Did You Know?

  • Call Waiting is included with your phone service.
  • No more than two calls can be handled at once. If a third person calls while you already are using Call Waiting, the system directs the third call to your Voicemail. If you do not have Voicemail with your phone service, the third caller hears a busy signal.
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