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Does Bright House Networks offer seasonal plans?

With a seasonal plan, you can leave home for a long vacation or a seasonal stay at another location and keep your equipment at the home where you receive your Bright House Networks services. When you return, you do not have to arrange a reconnection, and your services are still connected. There is a fee associated with this service.

You are eligible to be on the plan if you are away a minimum of two consecutive months and no longer than nine consecutive months. Military personnel on deployment can exceed the nine-month maximum.

Seasonal Plans

Seasonal Basic

While on the Seasonal Basic plan, you can:

  • Dial 611 to contact the Customer Care team or dial 911 in case of emergency.
  • Keep the same phone number and email address.
  • Use your email while away.

Seasonal Plus

The Seasonal Plus plan includes all the features of Seasonal Basic. In addition, you can:

  • Keep your third party alarm system active.
  • Receive inbound calls.
  • Make, answer, or forward any call at a per-minute rate, including local and toll-free calls.
  • Place long distance calls for an additional per-minute fee.
  • Access Voice Mail and Easy Gadget.
  • Access Bright House Networks WiFi™ HotSpots for free in available areas if you are a High Speed Internet customer.

Things to Remember

  • You must be a Bright House Networks customer for at least one full billing cycle prior to initiating a seasonal plan.
  • Your account needs to be in a current status to be eligible. Any past-due charges should be paid before the account can be placed on the seasonal plan.
  • You need to provide a forwarding address, pay in advance, or participate in the automatic payment option.
  • The one-time seasonal fee is charged at the time the account changes to seasonal, and the fee should be paid upon receipt of the billing statement.
  • High Speed Internet and EarthLink are eligible for the seasonal plan. If you have an EarthLink account, you must contact EarthLink directly if you want to continue to access your EarthLink email accounts while on a seasonal plan. EarthLink charges a separate fee for this access.
  • Once you choose an option for your seasonal plan, your account remains on that plan for the remainder of that seasonal term.
  • Service must be restored to the same address at the end of the seasonal plan.
  • Cable equipment should remain connected while you are away. The TV electrical cord can be unplugged. All coaxial cables should remain connected.
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