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How can I view my call details?

Only billable calls such as international calls, directory assistance, or operator assistance are displayed on your bill. You can also view billable calls for the most recent 13 months online with a My Services account.

To view your billable call history online:

  1. Click My Services Tab. The My Services page opens.
  2. Sign in to your My Services account.
  3. Under Phone, click Review Call Details. The Call History page opens.
  4. From the Period End Date drop-down list, select a date to display a list of call types (for example, international calls and Directory Assistance).
    • You can also click Select Date Range at the bottom of the drop-down list to specify a date range.
  5. Click the Call Type for a more thorough breakdown of the summary.
  6. Click a call type. Billable call detail records are displayed for that type of call.
    • You can also click View All.

To print your billable call history:

  1. While viewing call details for a particular call type, click Export. The Select Export Format page opens.
  2. Select Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel. The call details are exported to the selected format. You can print the file or save it to your computer.

Did You Know?

  • You can obtain a complete listing of local calls to and from your phone only if they are requested through a court order or because of harassing phone calls. Under those circumstances, Contact Us.
  • Caller ID saves a minimum of the 10 most recent incoming calls.
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