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How much ventilation is required for my TV equipment?

Like all electronic devices, your Spectrum Receiver should be placed in a way that provides ventilation to avoid overheating and ensure reliable operation.

  • Your Spectrum Receiver contains openings in the casing for ventilation. Do not block these openings.
  • Keep an extra three inches of space around your Spectrum Receiver clear of other objects.
  • Do not place items, including other TV equipment, on top of your Spectrum Receiver.
  • Do not place your Spectrum Receiver on soft surfaces, including beds, sofas, or carpets.
  • Do not place your Spectrum Receiver in an enclosed case unless that setup contains some openings to allow for ventilation of your equipment.

Your other electronic equipment, such as DVD players and video game systems, will also require similar setups to ensure proper ventilation. Refer to the user manuals for those devices for specific instructions.

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