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Should I use a surge protector with my Spectrum Receiver or DVR?

Surge protectors help protect TVs, Spectrum Receivers, DVRs, computers, and other electronic equipment from damage during a power surge. Both DVRs and Spectrum Receivers can have their power cord plugged directly into a surge protector to help avoid any issues with lightning strikes or electrical surges.

If you wish to protect your TV from a surge through the coaxial cable, you will need to use a bidirectional surge protector, which allows the return signal for:

  • Pay Per View programming.
  • On Demand shows.
  • Equipment diagnostics.

Following is an image of a bidirectional surge protector.

Bidirectional Surge Protector

To protect your TV from surges through the coaxial cable:

  1. Turn off all the electrical equipment that you want to connect to the surge protector.
  2. Turn off the power button on the surge protector.
  3. Plug the surge protector into the wall.
  4. Connect the coaxial line coming from the wall to the coaxial In port on the surge protector.
  5. Connect a coaxial cable to the coaxial Out port.
  6. Turn on the surge protector.
  7. Plug the power cords of all of the equipment into your surge protector, one at a time.
  8. Turn on each piece of equipment, one at a time, and check to ensure that each is operating properly.

For information on connecting a surge protector to a modem, see Can I use a surge protector with my modem?

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