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The signal for my wireless home network is weak. How can I improve my signal strength and range?

Several factors can limit and interfere with the signal of your wireless network, including the location of your router and other electrical devices in the home.

To help extend your WiFi signal strength and range:

  • Position your wireless router in a central location in your home.
  • Ensure your router is at least 12 inches from electromagnetic devices to minimize interference. Some examples are:
    • Cordless phones.
    • Microwave ovens.
    • Bluetooth devices.
    • Baby monitors.
    • Garage door openers.
    • Computers.
    • Fax machines.
  • Try setting the router to channel 1 or 11. For help changing the channel your router uses, Contact Us.
  • For multistory building such as apartment dwellings, position the router's antenna at 45 degrees (diagonally relative to the floor) or 0 degrees (parallel to the floor).
  • Consider upgrading your Internet service and WiFi network.
    • Home Networking provides improved range and signal strength for your network with an advanced dual-band wireless gateway. Technicians will set up the network for you and help you determine whether you need Access Points as part of your network to help eliminate WiFi dead zones or provide more consistent bandwidth.
    • Spectrum Internet service comes with an N router (802.11n), which provides a greater wireless range than the G routers provided with other Internet speeds.
    • Contact Us for more information.
  • Replace your cordless phone if you suspect that is the key reason for your weak wireless signal. Many routers run at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz (GHz), the same as some cordless phones. If your phone and router run at the same frequency, they could interfere with one another when both are in use. Before going to that expense, however, exhaust your other options.
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