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How do I set up my Voicemail to be delivered as email?

Setup Prerequisites

Before you enable this delivery option, make sure that you:

To set up your Voicemail to be sent to your email:

  1. On the main toolbar, click My Services Tab. The My Services page opens.
  2. In the Phone section, click Voicemail to Email & Text. The My Services Log In page opens.
  3. Enter your My Services Username and Password, and click Sign In Button. The Phone Online Tools page opens to the Voicemail to Email and Text tab.
  4. For Voicemail Delivery Options, select On. The email delivery options are enabled.
  5. In the Email Delivery text box, enter an email address to which you want your Voicemail delivered.
    • The Include Voicemail File and transcription check box is selected by default, enabling you to receive both an audio file (.WAV file) and a readable file. If you want to receive only the audio file, select Include Voicemail File Only and clear the Include Voicemail File and transcription check box. Transcriptions are fully automated and may not be perfect. If you also receive the .WAV file, you can listen to the Voicemail, too.
  6. Click Add Email Address.
    • Under Advanced Settings, the Use Profanity Filter for Voicemail transcription is selected by default. You can clear that selection if you wish.
  7. Click Save Changes.
More About Voicemail Delivery to Email
  • You can send your Voicemail to up to eight email addresses.
  • You can change your settings at any time.
    • To leave an email address in the system but turn off delivery to that address, clear the selections for that email address.
    • To remove an email address completely, click Remove Email Address.
    • To disable all voice mail delivery options, select Off. Your existing settings are stored for future use.
  • Most messages are delivered within one minute of the caller leaving a voice mail, but delivery of messages is dependent on your own email provider and mobile phone carrier.
  • Deleting a message sent to your email does not delete the message from your Voicemail. Conversely, if you delete a Voicemail, any email message remains until you delete it.

Did You Know?

If you do not receive your Voicemail messages in your email or by text message after setting up Voicemail delivery options in My Services, try the following:

  • Check the spam filter for your email account, and add to your Safe Senders list.
  • Ensure that your Voicemail inbox is not full. You can delete old Voicemail messages via your handset.

If you are still not receiving your Voicemail as email, Contact Us and provide the name of your email provider.

You can also receive your Voicemail as a transcription via your mobile text messaging service. See How do I set up my Voicemail to be delivered to my mobile phone as a text message?

To find out about other ways to retrieve your Voicemail, see the following:

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