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How do I save a Voicemail message to my computer's hard drive?

To save a Voicemail message to your computer's hard drive:

  1. On the main toolbar, click My Services Tab. The My Services page opens.
  2. In the Phone section, click Check Voicemail Messages. The My Services Log In page opens.
  3. Sign in to your My Services account. The Phone Online Tools page opens to the Voicemail Inbox tab.
  4. For the message you want to save, click Listen/Save Icon. The File Download dialog box opens.
    • If you want to hear the message before saving it to your computer hard drive, click Open.
    • If you simply want to save the message in your Voicemail Inbox, do nothing. The message remains available unless you delete it.
  5. To save the message to your computer hard drive, in the File Download dialog box, click Save. The Save As dialog box opens. In the File Name text box is the auto-generated name of the .wav file for the message.
    • The first group of numbers in the auto-generated name indicates the date of the call (YYYY/MM/DD), and the last 10 digits indicate the caller's phone number, followed by .wav.
    • In the File Name text box, you can enter a different file name if you wish.
  6. Navigate to the folder where you want to store the file, and then click Save. The Download Complete dialog box opens, displaying the progress of the download.
  7. When "Download Complete" is displayed on the window, click Close. The Voicemail message now is stored on your computer's hard drive.

Did You Know?

You can save Voicemail messages to your hard drive to:

  • Free up space in your Voicemail Inbox. After you have saved a Voicemail message to your computer, you can delete the message from your Inbox online. Click Delete Icon for the message you want to remove. You can also delete the message using your phone.
    • Voicemail messages must be deleted one by one. However, if you do not need to listen to the messages first, you can do so more quickly using My Services because you do not have to listen to any part of the messages before deleting them.
  • Save a message indefinitely.
  • Share the message with others by attaching it to an email. You can also set up your Voicemail to be delivered as email, which includes the message in the email as a .wav file.
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