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I forgot my Parental Control PIN number for TV programming.

You can Contact Us to request a reset of your Parental Control PIN , or you can follow these steps to rest your PIN online.

To reset your Parental Control and purchase PINs online:

  1. Sign in to your My Services account.
  2. Under Account & Billing, click Manage Equipment. The Manage Your Equipment page opens, displaying your equipment and the serial numbers.
  3. Under Type, find the DVR or Spectrum Receiver on which you want to reset the PINs.
  4. Click for the equipment you want to reset. The details identifying your equipment and actions you can take to manage your equipment are displayed.
  5. Under Actions, to the left of Reset PINs, click . A PIN Reset message is displayed.
    • If the reset is successful, the following message is displayed. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    • If the reset is not successful, the following message is displayed. Click contact us to find out how to reach Spectrum Support.

  6. Once the PIN is successfully reset, you can set a new Parental Control PIN and a new purchase PIN using your Spectrum Receiver or DVR.

If this process did not seem to work, refresh the DVR or Spectrum Receiver on which you are trying to reset the PINs, and check again. To find out how to refresh your equipment, see How do I refresh my modem or Spectrum Receiver online?

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