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What is Repeat Dialing?

Repeat Dialing enables you to redial local landline calls automatically if your first attempt reaches a busy number. The Repeat Dialing feature is included in your phone service.

To activate Repeat Dialing:

  1. If you place a call to a landline telephone in your local calling area and the number is busy, hang up.
  2. Pick up your phone again, and press *66.
  3. Hang up your phone again.
    • The system monitors that line for 30 minutes.
    • Once that line becomes available, your phone rings with a distinctive tone.
    • If after 30 minutes there is no connection to the other party, the Repeat Dialing request expires and must be initiated again.
  4. If the line becomes available, when you answer the phone, the system connects the call automatically, and the phone of the party you called rings.

To cancel Repeat Dialing:

After 30 minutes, Repeat Dialing is canceled automatically. To manually cancel Repeat Dialing before that time, press *86.

Did You Know?

  • You can continue to use your phone as usual to make and receive phone calls while Repeat Dialing attempts to reach the party you specified.
  • You can use Repeat Dialing to place calls to more than one busy number at a time, but you must press *66 on a call-by-call basis. When one of the parties is reached, Caller ID indicates which party is available.
  • The Repeat Dialing feature tries to reach the last party called every 30 seconds for 30 minutes.
  • The Repeat Dialing feature does not operate for calls to long-distance, international, or 8xx or 9xx telephone numbers, or to any mobile phone.
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