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My cable remote is not controlling the volume.

If you are not able to control your TV's volume with the Spectrum Receiver's remote control:

  1. Test other buttons on the remote control, such as Info Button, to ensure the batteries still have power. If other features on the remote are not working, change the batteries and try again.
  2. Press TV Button. This tells the remote to control the TV with your next button press.
  3. Press Volume Up Button or Volume Down Button.
  4. If the issue remains, press Power Button. Your TV should turn off. If your TV does not turn off, you need to program your remote to operate your TV. You will then be able to control most of your TV's functions, including volume, by using your Spectrum Receiver's remote control.

Did You Know?

  • To enable the remote to control your Spectrum Receiver again, press .
  • You can also program other buttons to control your VCR, DVD player, and audio system.
  • If the LED on your remote control stays on constantly or you tried these other steps and the TV is not responding, Contact Us.
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