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Recent Voice Feature Updates

Good news! New features have been added to your Voice service. For some existing features, the names have been updated to be consistent across all Spectrum markets. Also, you'll have access to VoiceZone, a new online experience that gives you more control over your Voice service.


You'll still manage Voicemail in the same location, but most Voice features will be managed in a new portal — VoiceZone. After you sign in to My Services, selecting Manage Phone Features takes you to VoiceZone. VoiceZone is easy to use and enables you to manage more features online, including some that would have previously required you to contact us.

New Features

Find out more about each of these new features:

  • Forward Calls When Busy. With Forward Calls When Busy, you can send callers to another phone number or to Voicemail.
  • Forward Calls When No Answer. If you activate this feature, you can also set the number of times the phone rings before the call goes to Voicemail. You can also choose to forward calls to another number rather than Voicemail.
  • VIP Ring. This feature enables you to select phone numbers that you want to have the same distinctive ring.
  • Accept Selected Callers. You can set up your Voice service to receive calls only from certain phone numbers.
  • Nomorobo. Nomorobo enables you to turn away calls from telemarketers and automatic dialing services.
  • Simultaneous Ring. With Simultaneous Ring, you can forward your calls to up to five different phone numbers at the same time.

Modified Features

The following features have new names, but the core functionality remains the same. You may have new or enhanced options in VoiceZone.

Old Name New Name New Online Options?
Unconditional Call Forwarding Forward All Calls Yes
Anonymous Call Reject Block Anonymous Calls Yes
Caller ID Block Block Outbound Caller ID Yes
Additional Charge Blocking Block Collect Calls
Block 3rd Party Charges
Block International Calls
Selective Call Blocking Block Unwanted Callers Yes
Call Waiting ID Call Waiting with Caller ID Yes
Voice Mail to Email & Text Readable Voicemail No
Selective Call Forwarding Forward Selected Calls Yes
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