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Virus detected in email

Email with attachments found to contain viruses are handled in two ways:

  • If the email has an attachment that contains a virus that can be removed, that virus is removed. Then the email is delivered with a message from the email system that informs you of what was found.
  • If email attachments contain viruses that cannot be cleaned, the attachments are deleted. Then the email is delivered with a message from the email system stating that a virus was found and the attachment was deleted.

The actions are part of a virus-filtering initiative, designed to minimize the spread of viruses, worms, and other such security concerns to your computer, our email network, and across the Internet. As part of that initiative:

  • Only email sent through the inbound and outbound email servers that also have attachments are screened for more than 50,000 known viruses, worms, and security issues.
  • The list of security concerns being screened for is updated constantly.
  • The emails are not read. The attachments are just scanned for viruses.
  • Only emails with attachments are scanned.
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