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Can I prevent my number from being displayed when I place a call?

Yes. You can use Block Outbound Caller ID.

To use Block Outbound Caller ID on a per-call basis:

Pick up your handset and press *67 before you dial a phone number to prevent your Caller ID and telephone number from being displayed.

Block Outbound Caller ID does not prevent display of your phone number to emergency lines such as 911 or poison control. It may not prevent display of your number when you dial toll-free numbers, which are paid for by the party you call.

To use Block Outbound Caller ID on all calls:

  1. Sign in to My Services.
  2. Select Manage Phone Features.
  3. For Peace & Quiet, select (edit).
  4. Select Block Outbound Caller ID.
  5. Select On.
  6. Select Save Changes.

If Outbound Caller ID is turned on for all calls, you can your Caller ID for a particular call by pressing *82 before dialing.

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