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What types of Parental Control are offered with Spectrum Internet service?

Spectrum Internet service offers:

  • McAfee Multi Access, which provides the following Parental Controls:
    • Online TV filtering.
    • iTunes management.
    • Instant messaging reporting.
    • Social network monitoring.
    • Internet time limits.
    • Website blocking.
    • Activity reporting.
    • YouTube filtering.
    • Instant text alerts of access to blocked websites.
    • Blocking of access to file sharing and other programs.
    • Encrypted site blocking.
  • Email Parental Control, which enables you to control whether email from particular addresses or domains are permitted to enter your child's Inbox.
  • These controls are effective only if your child accesses email directly through the email account provided with your Internet service, not an email client such as Outlook.

McAfee Multi Access is included with Spectrum Internet service. After you download and install the software, you must enable the Parental Control features. To download McAfee Multi Access, visit https://webmaildata.rr.com/mcafee/register.

Email Parental Controls enable you to delete junk mail or send it to a separate folder, block specific senders, and senders from particular domains. Email Parental Controls are set for individual sub accounts. For more information, see How do I set up Parental Controls for email?

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