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Are there any indications that a link or a Web page could contain malware?

None that are guaranteed, but the following may give you reason to be suspicious:

  • When you hover over an email link (but don’t click on it), the link should match the link that’s in the email. If it doesn’t, don’t click on it.
  • If a message or pop-up window you do not recognize is displayed and indicates your computer may be infected with a virus, do not click on it. You should familiarize yourself with your computer’s operating system so you know what legitimate messages from it look like.
  • If you don’t know and trust the name of the person sending you an email, don’t open the email or any attachments in it.
  • If the name of a website is misspelled, it could be a malicious site designed to trick you into accessing it. When the web page opens, it could contain malware that will be downloaded to your computer. Be sure that when you enter a Web address (URL) in your browser, that you spell the name of the site correctly.

If you feel your computer may be infected, visit our Bot Remediation page for more information on removing botnets.

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