How do I log in to a WiFi HotSpot as a High Speed Internet customer?

Requirements to access a Bright House Networks WiFi area free of charge

  • Be within range of a designated WiFi area. To find the locations of WiFi areas near you, see the Bright House Networks WiFi page.
  • Have a computer with wireless capability, smartphone, or other wireless device.
  • Subscribe to Lightning or Standard High Speed Internet. A pay per use option is available to customers who do not subscribe to High Speed Internet.
  • See the steps below to log into a Bright House Networks WiFi area. For a more secure connection, see the login instructions on the BHN Secure article.

If you receive the following message, it is best that you click Learn more. This links to information about how to login to the BHN Secure network.

Logging into a Bright House Networks WiFi area

  1. If your wireless device does not automatically display your wireless network choices, open your wireless network options and select CableWiFi or Bright House Networks.
  2. Open your Internet browser. The Bright House Networks Cable WiFi page opens.
  3. Under Free WiFi for Bright House Customers, click Log In.
  4. Under Bright House Networks Customer Login, enter your My Services Username and Password or your Bright House Email address and Password.
  5. Select I agree to the Terms of Use.
  6. Click Log In.
    • If the Log In Successful page opens, you can browse the Internet.
    • If you receive an error message, enter your login information again, and click Log In.

Did You Know?

  • With BHN Secure WiFi network, you can setup auto-login for an unlimited amount of devices using your My Services login. A maximum of seven devices can be simultaneously logged onto a BHN Secure network using the same My Services account.
  • With Bright House Networks WiFi, only one user can log in with the same My Services account or Bright House Email address at one time. However, you can use sub account email addresses simultaneously. As a High Speed Internet customer, you have at least 10 addresses available to you.
    • After 60 minutes of idle time on Bright House Networks WiFi, your device will be disconnected from the wireless network. If this occurs, you can log in again.
  • The roaming provider for your connection is the Bright House Networks High Speed Internet system.
  • See the Bright House Networks WiFi page to find WiFi in your area. Unless it's a BHN Secure network, the login process is the same whether the WiFi area is designated as Bright House Networks, CableWiFi, public area, or business location.
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