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How do I listen to, save, and delete my Voicemail messages online using My Services?

To hear or save Voicemail messages online using My Services:

  1. On the main toolbar, click My Services Tab. The My Services page opens.
  2. Sign in to your My Services account.
  3. In the Phone section, click Check Voicemail Messages. The Phone Online Tools page opens to the Voicemail Inbox tab.
  4. To listen to a message, click Listen/Save Icon.
  5. A pop-up window is displayed, asking you if you want to open or save the file or cancel.
    • Click Open to hear the message.
      • If you want to save the message to your Voicemail and in My Services, do not do anything. The message remains unless you delete it from your Voicemail Inbox.
    • Click Save to save the message to your computer. For more details, see How do I save Voicemail messages to my computer's hard drive?

To delete Voicemail messages online:

  1. From your Voicemail Inbox, click Delete Icon for the message you want to delete. A pop-up is displayed, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the message.
  2. Click OK.
    • Voicemail messages must be deleted one by one. However, if you do not need to listen to the messages first, you can do so more quickly using My Services because you do not have to listen to any part of the messages before deleting them.

Status of Deleted Messages

Whether you retrieve Voicemail via your phone or online through My Services, the information is stored in the same location. If you remove Voicemail using one tool, it is removed from both. If you want to keep messages but need more space in your Inbox, you can save Voicemail messages to your computer's hard drive.

If you delete all Voicemail messages online, you still hear a stutter dial tone when you pick up your phone. Press *98 to remove the stutter dial tone.

Did You Know?

  • The voice mail inbox shows the phone number, name, date and time of the call, as well as the duration of the message and its status.
  • A ! indicates a message marked as urgent by the caller.
  • Click Refresh to display any new messages received while logged in to My Services.
  • By default, Voicemail messages are displayed in the order they are received, newest to oldest. You can click a column header to sort the messages differently.
  • If you have two phone lines, you will have two separate voice mail inboxes.
  • The Voicemail inbox stores 40 minutes of messages, but there is no limit to the number of messages.
  • Callers are notified if the mailbox is full and not accepting new messages.
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