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I was browsing the Internet and received the following error message: Failed DNS lookup. What does it mean?

The website name you requested could not be translated into a valid internet address by the domain name system. This is either a result of an error in the global domain name system or you may have inadvertently entered an incorrect website or URL name.

What You Can Do

  • Double-check the name of the website to ensure that it is spelled correctly.
  • Check colons, periods, slashes, and tildes.
  • Click the Refresh button on your Web browser.
  • To find out whether the site hosting the document is still active, delete everything after the domain (.com, .net, .gov, etc.) and try again.
  • Access the page from another location on the site, or try to access it via a search engine.
  • If your website name or URL ends in .htm, try .html (and vice versa).
  • Deleting an ending slash and add .htm or .html to the end.
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