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I was browsing the Internet and received the following error message: 404 - Not found. What does it mean?

Your Web browser cannot find the website or URL address you entered. This error usually means that the website name or URL is incorrect or that the website or document no longer exists.

What You Can Do

  • Double-check the name of the website to ensure that it is spelled correctly.
  • Check colons, periods, slashes, and tildes.
  • To find out whether the site hosting the document is still active, delete everything in the address following the domain (.com, .net, .gov, etc.).
  • Navigate to the page from another location on the site, or try to reach it via a search engine.
  • If your website name or URL ends in .htm, try .html (and vice versa).
  • Delete an ending slash and add .htm or .html to the end.
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