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What is an infrared (IR) extender?

IR extenders enable you to hide a Spectrum Receiver from sight while still having control with your remote by pointing it at a separate sensor. IR extenders connect through the USB port on your Spectrum Receiver, usually located on the back of the Spectrum Receiver.

The USB port only functions to provide power to the IR extender. See Are all of the connections on the back of the DVR functional?

To connect an IR extender to a Spectrum Receiver:

  1. Plug the IR extender's USB connector into the USB port on the Spectrum Receiver.
  2. Peel the paper from the adhesive pad on the IR transmitter and attach it to the Spectrum Receiver so that the transmitter's LED is in front of the IR sensor on the Spectrum Receiver.
    • You can find the IR sensor by shining a flashlight at the Spectrum Receiver's front display and looking for a small, round LED.
  3. Peel the paper from the adhesive pad on the IR extender's receiver and place it in the desired location. Ensure that nothing blocks the front of the receiver.
  4. When using the remote to control the Spectrum Receiver, point the remote at the receiver.

Not all Spectrum Receivers have a USB port. If you would like to use an IR extender but your Spectrum Receiver does not have a USB port, Contact Us to schedule an appointment to have a new Spectrum Receiver delivered to your home.

IR extenders are available for purchase in many electronics stores.

To connect an IR extender to a digital adapter:

  1. Plug the IR extender into the IR In port on the back of the digital adapter.
  2. Mount the IR extender where:
    • You can point the remote at the IR extender's sensor to control the digital adapter.
    • Nothing is blocking the sensor.
  3. Use the hook and loop mounting squares to affix the digital adapter to the back of your TV.

IR Extender

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