Spectrum Voice

What star codes are available?

Feature Activate Cancel How It Works
Block Anonymous Calls *77 *87 Press *77 to automatically block calls from unidentified callers.
Block Outbound
Caller ID
*67 *82 Press *67 before you dial a number to prevent your Caller ID from being displayed. Press *82 before placing a call to display your Caller ID if by default it is not displayed.
Call Return *69   Press *69 to hear the number of the last incoming call. Then press 1 to dial that number.
Cancel Automatic Redial *89 Press *89 to cancel the Automatic Redial process that occurs when you request a redial after using Call Return.
Cancel Call Waiting *70 Press *70 to cancel Call Waiting on a per-call basis.
Forward All Calls *72 *73 Press *72 to send all calls made to your phone to a phone number you specify.
Repeat Dialing *66 *86 Press *66 to automatically redial your last outbound call. Press *86 to cancel.
Speed Dial *74   Press *74 to program frequently dialed numbers.
Voicemail *98   Press *98 to access your Voicemail.


Did You Know?

These features can be managed online, and many other Voice features are managed online as well. See Using Features & Services for a complete list of Voice features.

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