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My HD program has a green picture.

To troubleshoot a green picture in HD:

  1. Ensure that the TV is tuned to the correct input for your setup. For example, if you are using an HDMI cable, the TV might call the input HDMI. On some TVs the inputs are numbered, such as HD 1, HD 2, or Video 1 and Video 2.
  2. Ensure all wires are secure, particularly if you are using component cables. If one of the three wires is loose, it could result in a distorted image.
  3. Ensure the component cables are connected to the correct corresponding color input (red, blue, green) on both the television and the Spectrum Receiver.

In this diagram, the component cables are on the left, and the audio cables are on the right. Be sure not to confuse the red audio input with the red component video input.

YPR and Audio Cables

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