What is Directory Search in Easy Gadget?

With Directory Search, you can look up a local phone number for a specific business or search for listings by the category of business.

After you find a phone number, you can automatically connect your Home Phone to the selected number, add it to your contacts, or view a map showing the address.

To use Directory Search:

  1. Log in to Easy Gadget. The Easy Gadget toolbar is displayed.

  2. Click . The Free Directory Search window opens.
  3. Conduct a search for a business, or find out more about a phone number by performing a reverse number lookup.
    • To search for a business, enter a Product/Service (for example, pizza) or a specific Business Name and the City, State or Zip.
    • To find out more about a business phone number, enter the number in the Reverse Number Lookup text box.
  4. Click . The results of the search are displayed. If you click an individual listing, the details available for the listing are displayed, as well as Easy Gadget options:
    • If you click , your Home Phone rings. When you pick up the receiver, the number of the listing you selected is dialed on your Home Phone.
    • Click to add a directory listing to your Contacts list.
    • If you click , your browser opens to a map and directions page for the address listed.
    • Click to find out more about a listing. The information is provided only for listings with additional details provided on the Internet.

Did You Know?

  • If you do not enter either the product/service or both the business name and city or ZIP code, a message is displayed alerting you to complete the search parameters.
  • The following message could be displayed: "Unable to Complete Request. Please try again."Reword your search terms, and search again. If the message is displayed again, the terms you are using are not contained in the directory listing.
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