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What is the difference between Pay Per View and On Demand programming?

Pay Per View

  • Ordering a Pay Per View event unlocks a channel for a specific block of time with programming that starts and ends at scheduled times, such as with a Pay Per View sporting event.
  • Pay Per View can be recorded to a DVR just like regular channels.
  • Pay Per View does not have built-in fast forward or rewind features but can be used with a DVR to add this functionality.

On Demand Programming

  • The program is available to watch any time it is listed to order. For example, a program may be available from January 1 through January 14. You can order the program at any time in that range of dates and begin watching immediately. One Demand programming includes free movies and select prime time programming as well as programming that carries a fee.
  • If you purchase an On Demand program, it is usually available for unlimited repeat viewing at no extra charge for up to 24 hours.
  • On Demand programming cannot be recorded to a DVR.
  • On Demand programming includes built-in pause, rewind, and fast forward control without the need for a DVR.
    • The fast forward option is not available for free On Demand programs offered by some networks. Such programs begin with a notification that fast forwarding is unavailable.
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