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How do I connect to a wireless network with Mac OS X?

When connecting a Mac to a wireless network, make sure that the AirPort or WiFi icon is enabled in the Menu bar.

If the AirPort is not enabled

  1. Select the Apple Button and choose System Preferences from the drop down menu.
    • The Apple Button is in the very upper left corner of your screen.
  2. Select Network to display the Network page.
  3. Next, select AirPort entry and make sure Show AirPort status in menu bar is automatically checked.
  4. Click Close.

Once AirPort is enabled

  1. Click the AirPort/WiFi icon in the menu bar at the upper right hand corner of the desktop, and you should be presented with a list of visible wireless networks.
  2. Select the network you want to join.
  3. If the network is not listed, select the Join Other Network option.
  4. Type the name of the Network in the Network Name box to select the wireless network where you want to connect.
  5. Select the correct security type from the Security box and Click Join. In newer versions of Mac OS X, the computer will automatically detect the type of security.
  6. If the network requires a password, you’ll be prompted to enter it now. If it doesn’t, you should automatically connect.

When you’re connected, the AirPort/WiFi icon will change from a light gray color to a solid black. The number of solid black lines indicates the signal strength, more black bars means a stronger signal.

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