What is Bright House Connection?

Bright House Connection is a feature that offers various regional international calling plans for a monthly fee.

There are international calling plans to five regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America (not including Haiti), Mexico, and South Asia. Under a Bright House Connection international plan, you pay a monthly additional fee for the plan and can make calls to landline numbers in that region for up to 100 minutes per month for the same discounted rate per minute any time of day, any day of the week.

Find the countries covered and the rate for each plan.

Do Bright House Connection international calling plans include calls to mobile phones?

All plans include calls to landline phones, but the cost of call to mobile phones is determined by country. Several countries include calls to mobile phones, too. Check the international regional plans to find out whether calls to mobile phones in a particular country are included in the plan.

How much does it cost to call mobile phones that are not covered under a Bright House Connection plan?

Calls to mobile phones in countries for which only landlines are included in the plan are charged and billed at standard international mobile retail rates.

What if I don't use all 100 minutes in my Bright House Connection plan within a month?

If you use fewer than 100 minutes in a month, you are still charged a flat fee, based on the plan. Unused minutes do not roll over and are not available for use after the end of your billing cycle.

I have more than one line on my Home Phone. Can I share the 100 minutes per month in my Bright House Connection plan across both phone lines?

No. International calling plans are available on a per-line basis. If a Bright House Connection plan is purchased for one line and not the other, all international calls made from the phone line without the plan are charged at the standard calling rate and do not count against the 100 minutes.

Can I subscribe to more than one Bright House Connection plan per phone line?

No. Only one international calling plan can be added per phone line. For instance, you cannot sign up for both the Europe plan and the Latin America plan on the same phone line. However, if you have two lines, you could sign up, for example, for the Europe plan on one line and the Latin America plan on the other line.

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