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Is there anything I need to do to clean or maintain my Spectrum Receiver or DVR?

Equipment is supplied to you with the understanding that you are responsible for any damage that may occur. It is important to take good care of your Spectrum Receivers, modems, and DVRs. When cleaning or maintaining your equipment, keep these things in mind:

  • When cleaning equipment, only use a dry cloth to remove dust. Do not use sprays or damp cloths.
  • Spectrum Receivers, DVRs, and modems have sensitive components that can be damaged by sudden drops or falls. Treat each piece of equipment as you would a home computer that can be damaged easily.
  • If you have an entertainment center, avoid placing the Spectrum Receiver or DVR in an enclosed area where there is no ventilation. Spectrum Receivers and DVRs should not be placed on carpet.
  • Discourage pets from sitting on top of the equipment. Animal hair can make its way into the vents and cause the unit to overheat.
  • Candles should not be set on top of any equipment. Wax can drip into the vented top and cause severe damage.

For information on replacing equipment, see How do I exchange or return equipment?

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