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How do I make changes to my account information, such as a name change or a new mailing address?

The following information will help you make changes to your Spectrum account. To find out how to change your online bill payment profile, see How do I update my online bill payment information?

Changes require you to provide the last four digits of your (the account holder's) Social Security number (or the Social Security number previously associated with the account holder).

Mailing or Billing Address Change

If you want to change your account mailing or billing address, you can do so by phone, by email, via live chat, or at a Spectrum Store.

If you request a new billing address but the service address remains the same, all of your mail, including your bill, will be sent to the address you requested. If you want only your billing address changed, you must indicate so when you contact Spectrum Support. In that case, the rest of your mail will be sent to the physical service address associated with the account.

Transferring Account and Name Change

To transfer your Spectrum account to another responsible party or change the name on your account, please complete a Name Change Form (English | Spanish). If you only need to correct the spelling of your account name, contact us.

If you need to transfer ownership or close an account for a deceased Spectrum customer, please fill out the Name Change Form (English | Spanish) and kindly include a letter from the executor of the estate and a letter authorizing the executor to act on behalf of the estate.

Telephone Number Change

  • If you want to change the contact number associated with your account, Contact Us.
  • If you want to change the contact number for a scheduled appointment, Contact Us via phone as soon as possible.
  • If you already are a phone customer and you want to change phone numbers, you may do so. There is an additional charge to make the switch. To request a new phone number dial 611 from your home phone, or click Contact Us for other options.

To find out how to change the method you use to make Auto Pay, see How do I change or update my payment method for Auto Pay?

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