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How do I change the input on my TV?

Your TV can be connected to multiple devices. Each device, such as a DVD player or video game system, is usually connected to a different input on the TV. You then change the input on your TV to select each device.

Changing input varies based on your TV's brand and specific model, but it is usually accessible from a button on the TV's remote control.

To change the input on your TV:

  1. Using the remote control that came with your TV, look for a button with one of the following names, or something similar:
    • Input.
    • AUX.
    • Source.
    • Video Source.
    • Component.
  2. Press this button. Depending on your TV, it may cycle through available inputs or display a menu with a choice of inputs.
  3. If it brings up a menu, you can likely use the remote control's Arrow Keys to highlight a choice, then the remote's Select or Enter button to choose that input.
    • The inputs often have basic names such as Video 1 and Video 2, names reflecting the type of connection such as HDMI 1 or Component 2, or descriptive names such as Cable Box or DVD. On some TVs, you can create custom input names.
  4. If your TV's remote control does not have some type of input button, try changing the channel on the TV to move toward channel 0. You can access the additional inputs on some TVs by tuning just below the lowest channel number.

For exact steps, contact your TV's manufacturer or refer to the user manual for your TV.

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