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Why is the Caller ID for incoming calls not always displayed?

In the following cases, the Caller ID for incoming calls is not always displayed:

  • If P or Private is displayed, the name and number might have been blocked by the caller.
  • If Unknown Name, Unknown Number, Out Of Area, Unavailable or O is displayed, the call is from an area that does not support Caller ID services.
  • Occasionally, the Caller ID information might be displayed as 0000000000 when the calling party's network is not transmitting the data or when the data transmission is incomplete or corrupted.
  • Incomplete information may be displayed because some carriers provide limited information about outgoing calls or they do not have the information. For instance, only a city or state name might be displayed, or information on the type of phone making the call, such as Cell Phone or Wireless Phone.
  • If you have phone and TV service and Caller ID on TV is not working, see How do I turn Caller ID on TV on and off?

If you regularly have problems with Caller ID that do not fall into one of these categories, Contact Us for assistance.

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