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How do I block or unblock specific channels for the Bright House TV (BHTV) app?

Block or unblock channels for the BHTV app

  1. Make sure that any BHTV updates have been installed on all devices in your home that have BHTV installed.
  2. Sign in to your My Services account.
  3. Under TV, click Bright House TV App.
  4. Click the set your channel blocking permissions link.
  5. The BHTV Channel Blocking page opens, displaying a list of BHTV channels.
  6. To block a channel, click the open padlock in the BHTV Lock/Unlock column. The padlock closes.
    • Blocking an entire channel will block all On Demand content provided by that channel, whether it be a show or a movie.
  7. To unblock a channel, click a closed padlock.
  8. Click .
  9. Sign out of BHTV on all devices that use your BHTV account.
  10. Sign in to BHTV. The channels you blocked are no longer included in the channel list on the Live TV screen. Any channels you unblocked have been restored to the channel list.

Did You Know?

  • You can access My Services from the BHTV Settings screen . Just select Channel Blocking and then select Set Channel Blocking.
  • The channel blocking you set up applies to all devices in your home that have the BHTV app installed.
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