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How do I block email messages from particular addresses or domains?

The options for allowing and blocking emails from specific addresses or domains can be set separately for each of your email accounts. However, if the master account holder activates Parental Controls on any sub account, the Parental Controls override any blocking at the sub account level. If you would prefer to use Parental Controls to allow and block email addresses or domains, see How do I set up Parental Controls for email?

To block email messages from specific addresses or domains:

  1. In your Internet browser, enter https://mail.brighthouse.com, and complete the login process. The Inbox page opens.
  2. Click Settings. The Settings page opens.
  3. Under Customize mailbox options, click Allow and Block Messages options. The Allow and Block Messages page opens.
  4. Under Enable blocking, select Advanced Block senders.
  5. In the Blocked Senders and Domains text box, enter the email addresses or domains you want blocked. Enter each on a new line.
    • You can block all messages from a specific domain, but if you still want to receive email from a specific person, even though the domain was blocked, you can enter that person's email address in the Allowed Senders and Domains field.
  6. Under Allowed Senders and Domains, enter the email addresses and domains you want to allow. Enter each on a new line.
  7. Click OK. Your changes are saved, and the system returns to the Settings page.

Did You Know?

  • By default, blocked mail is deleted. You can choose to have all blocked mail sent to the master account holder, in a folder that you specify. See In email, how do I send blocked email to the master account holder's Inbox?
  • There is a limit of 50 to the number of blocks on the blocked senders and domains list for each email address. Once you get to that limit and try to add another address or domain to the blocked senders and domains list, you receive a message that indicates that the entry (or entries) was not added because you reached your maximum quota limit of allowed and blocked lists combined.
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