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What is the BHN WiFi Finder App, and how do I use it?

The BHN WiFi Finder is an app used to locate any nearby WiFi hotspots. You can currently download the WiFi Finder app through the Apple or Android app stores. Search for BHN through the app stores to find the app.

To use BHN WiFi Finder:

  1. Tap the WiFi Finder icon.
    • If opening for the first time, a tutorial opens, providing instructions to use the app.
  2. To find a hotspot, enter any location in the search bar and tap Search or tap Location Arrow.
  3. The map automatically displays the nearest WiFi hotspots.
  4. Tap the location icon to review the action menu and access the following options:
    • Share Button - Share the location with friends and family.
    • Directions Button - Driving direction to the selected WiFi hotspot
    • Information Button - Provides further information on the result including full business name, address, and distance from current location.
    • Favorite Button - Save location as a Favorite.
  5. Once you have reached the desired location, you will need to log on to the WiFi hotspot using your email or My Services login. If you are logging on with SpectrumWiFi Plus, you need to use your My Services login.

To access the Augmented Reality feature:

The Augmented Reality feature enables you to view a map of WiFi hotspots in your immediate area.

  1. While using the map or list function, access the mobile device's camera.
  2. The screen displays your surroundings, including small blue pins that indicate available hotspots.
  3. Tap a pin to access the details screen and view the business name or address.
  4. You can access the menu to save or share the location.

This app is not launching correctly on some Android phones. We are working to resolve this issue.

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