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What is your anti-piracy program?

The “graduated response” anti-piracy program is similar to other programs operated by many other Internet Service Providers, some individually and some as part of a joint effort. The purpose of the program is to educate consumers about copyright infringement in a manner that requires them to pay attention, not to punish them. As set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy available at brighthouse.com/acceptable-use, downloading or uploading material without the copyright owner’s permission is not permitted. The graduated response program is designed to discourage customers from illegally downloading or uploading copyrighted material and to educate customers on how they can protect their high speed data service. Customers are encouraged to secure Wi-Fi access points, install PC security software, and apply Parental Controls for monitoring and controlling access to the Internet for members of their household.

Despite what you might have read, the process of detecting potential copyright violations does not begin with Spectrum. The detection process does not involve any action at all by Spectrum to deploy any means of inspecting an individual customer’s data nor the use of other forms of provider-side intrusive monitoring. The process is initiated by the content owner sending a complaint alleging that our customer's account is infringing copyright. The graduated-response program is triggered by these complaints, and includes a three-phase approach to address the copyright owner’s complaints against customers:

  • Phase 1: Consumer Education.
  • Phase 2: Customer Acknowledgement.
  • Phase 3: Mitigating Measures.

The three-phase process includes six customer alerts, beginning with email notifications of the complaint(s) received, and additional consumer education related to copyright infringement. With subsequent complaints from the copyright owner, the response process progresses to a browser redirect notification (walled garden), which requires customers to acknowledge that they have received the notices of alleged copyright infringement and will act on them. Customers can self-release by making the acknowledgment on their browser. The final phase of the process requires the customer to call our security department for assistance to re-enable their high speed service. The program is not intended to punish but rather to educate the customer on online piracy and how to avoid future infringement issues, and to alert them to the potential legal implications should the customer ignore the warnings.

In all cases, Spectrum does not know if the customer has actually engaged in copyright infringement, only that we have received complaints from a copyright owner alleging infringement. The process gives the customer the “benefit of the doubt” with regard to the copyright owners’ assertions, and affords the consumer sufficient opportunity to follow up with the content owner to dispute any misdirected allegations and supports all concerned parties by assisting customers to apply the appropriate security protections.

The majority of our customers will never encounter this process, but in the event that you do rest assured we will work with you to help prevent future incidents through education, assistance with securing your Wi-Fi access point, and installation of computer-based security and Parental Control software. For additional information about our self-care options, please visit our security and abuse portal at www.brighthouse.com/security.

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