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I received my Spectrum Receiver or DVR by mail. How do I connect it?

Printed instructions come in your self-install kit, but instructions are provided here for your convenience.

To connect your new Spectrum Receiver or DVR to your TV:

  1. If you already have Spectrum equipment, unplug its power cord, and then remove the coaxial cable followed by the HDMI or component cables.
    • If you're not that familiar with TV inputs, pay close attention to where you removed the cables from.
  2. Use the new coaxial cable that came in the kit to connect the wall outlet to the CABLE IN port of the Spectrum Receiver or DVR.
  3. Connect the Spectrum Receiver or DVR to the TV using the HDMI cable that came with the kit. Use the component cables only if you do not have an HDMI input on your TV.
    • HDMI cable: Plug one end into HDMI OUT on the back of the Spectrum Receiver, and plug the other end to the HDMI IN port on your TV.
    • Component cables:
      • Plug one end of the green, blue, and red cables into the back of your cable box marked Component Out.
      • Plug the red/white cables into the Audio Out (matching the corresponding colors).
      • Plug the other end of those plugs into Component In on the back of your TV for video (green/blue/red) and audio (red/white).
  4. Connect your new power cord to the back of your Spectrum Receiver or DVR and to an electrical outlet.
    • Do not turn the Spectrum Receiver on. If you are swapping Spectrum Receivers, do not use the power cord for the equipment you're sending back.

To activate your new Spectrum Receiver or DVR:

  1. With your new equipment connected, ensure that it has completed booting up.
    • When the time is displayed on the front of the Spectrum Receiver or DVR, you can continue.
  2. Call 1-877-314-4138 from a phone associated with your account.
  3. When prompted say, “Activate Equipment.”
  4. When you receive confirmation that an activation signal has been sent, you may end the call.
  5. Power on the Spectrum Receiver or DVR, and select the proper input (HDMI or Component) on your TV.
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