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What is Accept Selected Callers?

Accept Selected Callers enables you to receive calls only from the phone numbers you specify.

  • You can designate up to 30 phone numbers to accept.
  • Other callers will receive the following message: "The party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time."
  • Blocked calls will not be displayed on your Caller ID, will not be forwarded, and will not go to Voicemail.

You will not receive any calls from 911 operators or other emergency services.

To enable Accept Selected Callers:

  1. Sign in to My Services.
  2. Select Manage Phone Features. The VoiceZone Settings page opens.
  3. For Peace & Quiet, select (edit).
  4. Select Accept Selected Callers.
  5. Select On.
  6. Enter a phone number you want to accept, and select Add to Call Accept List.
  7. Add all the numbers you want to accept.
    • The numbers you've added are listed on the page. You can add a name to go with each phone number. You can also select X to remove a number from the list. If you decide to turn the feature off, the numbers remain in the list for the next time you want to use Accept Selected Callers.
  8. Select Save Changes.

If you want to turn this feature off, select Off and save your changes.

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